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Friday, April 15, 2005


@ 11:56 PM

Jimmy's blog看到的心理測驗:What Gender Is Your Brain?,測試結果結果如下:

Your Brain is 73.33% Female, 26.67% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

沒想到我竟然是男人身、女兒心啊...... = =


  • 別哭別哭 我也跑去測了
    蠻誇張的 80%-male 20%-female
    真的很誇張 跟做過類似的測驗蠻大差距耶 之前的結果不過中間值而已 0rz

    By Blogger Pigy, at 2:15 AM  

  • 原來我不孤單啊~~~ 哈哈哈

    By Blogger Lordcolus, at 3:01 AM  

  • 我一直把你當女生看...很久以前我就說過你是女生..你還不相信喔...這樣很好啊...男生女生都喜歡你...你這小迷人精(藍色小精靈裡面的一個角色)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:34 AM  

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