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Friday, May 13, 2005

Please send to your friends to help Taiwan in the WHO

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Taiwan is not a member of the World Health Organisation. The clear result of this is a danger to both Taiwan and the whole world.

In the face of a public health catastrophe, like SARS, Taiwan is left out of reporting and access to global expertise to help fight the disease. Taiwan’s right to membership of the World Health Organisation should be one of the most important concerns of the World Health Assembly, and of all mankind.

"Click here to see why it matters to you whether Taiwan participates in the WHO!"

(by Department Of Health, Taiwan)(繼續閱讀......)

Guess How Much I Love You裡看到這篇文章,Greta將衛生署宣傳短片中的文案抄寫下來。提到WHO總不免想到SARS期間中國副總理吳儀那句:「誰理你們!」,政治不是全部,但任何事都與政治有關,台灣即使想加入世界衛生組織這樣"地位超然"的國際組織,依然受到政治力蠻橫的阻擋。稍微瀏覽了最近的新聞,今年似乎一樣前路艱難,"兩岸關係昇溫"?哈!



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